When Reaching some places by public transport or tours is difficult, then travelling by a car is a better option. If you have your own car well and good and if you don’t have then no problem.

Renting a car is very good option. You can get budget cars, Luxury cars and also premium cars as per your requirement. Car rental is more affordable when a group is travelling. There are many car rental agencies. Car rental agency is a company that generally rent cars for few hours to few weeks. In India, in most of the cities, Car rental agencies are working. For example, If you want to travel Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar, you can contact to Mumbai car hire services and rent a car to Mahabaleshwar.  Or if you want to travel in the mumbai only then also you have option for Mumbai Darshan Cab Service. For example, if you want to go Mumbai central to Goregaon, you can call one of the cab services in Mumbai.



Price means rent is mainly calculated by number of days. The more days you take, the less you pay per day.  Car rental agencies charge more amount if there is delay. Most of the time they permit one hour of late return.  After that they can charge rent of another full day. If you know you are going to be late you should contact car rental agency and arrange an extension.

Pricing is also based on Car type. Car rental agencies give you example of each car type, and ask you to choose.


There are 4 types of rental cars:

  • Economy

  • Intermediate

  • Standard

  • Luxury

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