Have you heard about the case of Heart and Lung Transplant in Mumbai which was held in September,  2016? It was first in Maharashtra. But do you know what is exactly Heart or Lung Transplant means? Let me share some information about Lung Transplant.


Lung Transplant is a surgical procedure in which diseased lung is replaced by a healthy lung. It can include replacement of your one lung or both lungs depending on your medical condition. In some situations like which I shared above Lung is replaced along with the Heart.


Requirements for Donors:

There are some requirements for potential lung donors just because of the needs of the potential Recipients. If the donor is a living person, then it is also in consideration of how the surgery is affecting the person i.e. donor. Requirements for the donors are like:


  • Donor should be healthy

  • HIs/Her age

  • Blood type

  • Size


Procedure of Lung Transplant:


Depending on the complexity of the operation it takes 4 hours to 12 hours to complete.


After giving you a general anaesthesia, a breathing tube will be placed down your throat to ventilate your lungs.

The surgeon will make an incision in your chest after which your chest can be opened and preparations can be made to remove the diseased lung or lungs.

If you need assistance with your blood circulation, a cardiopulmonary bypass machine is used to keep your blood circulating during the operation.

Then the old Lung is removed and new Lung mended in place of the old one. If the doctors are confident that your new lung is working properly then they close your chest and you are taken off the bypass surgery machine.

Tubes will be left to your chest as it is for several days to drain any build - up of blood and fluid.

Then you will be taken to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) where more tubes will be attached to your body to supply medications and drain urine.


There are two new surgical techniques:


  1. Transplant after a non heart beating donation

  2. Ex vivo lung perfusion


Though, Lung Transplant surgery may include many complications, it can improve your quality of life and health. While taking decision of Lung transplant you must research about Risk, side effects, actual procedure and It’s real advantages first. As well as you also must research about the best doctor and hospitals in your area. For example if you are living in Mumbai, then you must search and study about best cardiac surgeons & Lung Transplant in Mumbai. As we know it's a very complicated surgery it must be in trusted hands.


Following are some specialists who does Lung Transplant in Mumbai which I know:

  1. Dr. R S Mathur

MBBS, MD- Medicine, DNB - Respiratory Medicine


2) Dr. Shirish Shah




3) Dr. Bhaskar Semitha

M.B.B.S, M.S, M.Ch (Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon)


4) Dr. Rashid Vasi


MBBS, MD-Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases.


5) Dr. Ashok Mahashur


MBBS, MD-Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases


6) Dr. Manish Sachdev




7) Dr. Ravindra U Rupwate




8) Dr. Suresh Rang




9) Dr. AS Chitnis


MBBS  and MD in internal Medicine.


10) Dr. Kedar Toraskar


MBBS and MD - Respiratory Diseases and Tuberculosis.

Diploma in Environmental, Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases.


For treatment let one of the best Cardiovascular Surgeon in Mumbai handle or Lung Transplant  in Mumbai it with ease.


New miracle in Anatomy-Lung transplantation
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